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What is a www.dcqimed.com Partner?

www.dcqimed.com makes website localization as simple as ever. You can now manage all of your clients' websites from one simple dashboard.
We are working to make your job just a little easier. Would you like to work with us?

  • Sales Partner

    Do your customers need to localize their website? Offer www.dcqimed.com at a reduced price and enjoy all of its best features!

  • Solution Partner

    Do you want to provide added value to your users? Offer a multilingual solution with www.dcqimed.com.

  • Translation Partner

    Do you want to increase your revenue through website translation? Connect with us or offer our solution to your users.

Becoming a www.dcqimed.com Partner

No matter the type of your company, we are looking for all partners who can gain added value from working with www.dcqimed.com. Our partners have access to our latest features and promotional benefits, and we make sure they get from us all the necessary support.



  • Q

    How can I become a WOVN.Partner?

    Please contact us to know more about all the benefits of partnering with www.dcqimed.com.

  • Q

    Does becoming a WOVN.Partner entail any costs?

    No, partnering with www.dcqimed.com is completely free.