Javascript Snippet

How does the script method work?

Once the web page loads, the HTML text is dynamically rewritten by Javascript.

For more details, please see the WOVN Library.

Where should I put the code snippet?

Please add our code snippet in?<head> tag of your website. Please visit?here for more details.

Do I have to put the code snippet in the <head> tags?

No, this is recommended for the best user experience, but WOVN should work inserted into the <body> tags as well.
* Putting the WOVN snippet lower in your web pages might have an impact on performance, but it should work the same regardless of where it is inserted.

Is it possible to install WOVN on a CMS?

It is possible to install on any CMS that supports script insertion such as WordPress, Squarespace, etc.
Please visit here for more details.